Amy Van Dyken-Rouen moves hip flexors

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By Jayson Chesler By Jayson Chesler

DENVER -- Amy Van Dyken-Rouen has posted an Instagram video showing her moving her hip flexors just more than a month after a spinal injury suffered in an ATV accident in Show Low left her paralyzed with no feeling in her legs.

Van Dyken-Rouen suffered a severed spine after hitting a curb and falling several feet while riding an ATV with her husband, former NFL player Tom Rouen.

Since the injury, Van Dyken-Rouen has applied the drive and optimism that helped make her an Olympic swimming champion to her recovery. She has stayed active on social media throughout her recovery so far, posting her thoughts along with images and now videos documenting her progress.

The 6-time Olympic gold medal winner transferred to Denver's Craig Hospital, which specializes in recovery from spinal injuries, after receiving emergency treatment and briefly being hospitalized in Arizona.

Van Dyken-Rouen said she spends roughly 7 hours a day working to strengthen her body. It's not known if she will remain paralyzed, although she has said that her goal is to be able to walk by the time she leaves the hospital.

Since the accident, Van Dyken-Rouen has posted on social media about learning how to grocery shop in a wheelchair and learning how to drive again without sensation in her legs.

In addition to moving her hip flexors, Van Dyken-Rouen has said that she has experienced some sensation sporadically below her belly button. That sensation has given her and her supporters hope that that the Olympian may eventually regain some feeling in her legs.

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