Surf's up! Folks ride the waves on new 'FlowRider' in downtown Phoenix

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Arizona may not have oceanfront property, but that's not stopping Valley folks from riding the waves.

The new "FlowRider" has arrived in downtown Phoenix. 3TV's own Heidi Goitia took it for a spin herself on Tuesday's Good Morning Arizona.

'FlowRider' officially opened July 10. The 38,000-gallon mobile wave simulator was supposed to open by May 31, but technical difficulties postponed the opening until this month.

"Just like the first year we brought a real ice rink to the center of downtown Phoenix, encountering unexpected conditions and circumstances was bound to happen," said Jeff Moloznik, vice president of development at CityScape.

Valley residents can drop in and ride the crest of the 400-square-foot FlowRider from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Set up in the center of CityScape's Patriot Square, FlowRider offers Valley residents the opportunity to boogie board and flow board, which is similar to a skateboard deck but designed for surfing, over an artificial wave made by pumping water over a tension-fabric structure.

Riders are only able to boogie board for the time being, according to the CityScape website.

The summer event, known as Surfing on Central, also will feature a tiki bar, lounge chairs and regularly scheduled events, including movie nights, Thursdays ladies' night and beach blanket movie nights.

"Everyone leaves to San Diego," says Celine Rille with CityScape. "So we thought why not bring San Diego to Phoenix for the summer?"

Some compare FlowRider to a bounce house. "It's an inflatable ride," says world champion flow board rider Sean Silvera. "So we just plug everything into a compressor and blow it up."

Current FlowRider promotions let riders boogie board for up to 30 minutes for $5, and that include a free gelato from Chloe's Corner.

Check out for updates and current pricing.

CityScape is located at:
1 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004