Valley faces major cleanup after monsoon storms

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER -- East Valley folks hit hard in recent monsoon storms are finding themselves facing some major clean-up projects.

On Monday, power companies were hard at work replacing lines that had been snapped by Sunday's storm.

Homeowners also faced some major messes. They spent the day clearing away debris in their yards.

Crews around town also had to remove downed trees in the east Valley, including a tree 50 feet tall that fell on the Jacobs’ home.

Family members said they were watching the storm through their window when they noticed something.

"Father said get to the back because we saw the tree swaying a little bit, and it's a very large tree," said Robert Nichols.

"A couple of minutes later we heard this crash and sure enough, it came over onto the roof,” said his mom Tammy Jacobs.

The family said the tree pierced the roof, causing four holes.

"Anybody's going to be scared at that point because thunder is scary in itself, and then you have the tree coming down,” said Nichols.

The whole family was inside the home, including a dog and cat. But thankfully, no one was injured.

Their home wasn’t the only one affected by Sunday’s storm.

Just a couple of blocks away a couple in their 80s got quite the scare.

Robert Bealer said his mother Marianne noticed water coming into their home, and then she heard a loud crash.

"She assumed my dad had fallen down. He is elderly; he's 86 years old. When she came out here, she discovered that the drywall had fallen from the ceiling down onto his lap. He sits on a recliner right here," said Bealer.

She took the dry wall out of her husband Charles' lap when “the rest of the roof started to collapse in, and with it came all of the water that was held up in the roof," he said.

They weren't seriously hurt, and are now staying in a hotel while repairs are made.

The Bealers have contacted a repair company to fix both the living room and bedroom's roof.

They were told it could take about 10 days to fix, and with more approaching storm, they hope a tarp will do the trick.