DIY: Repair holes in drywall

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Home Depot's Debbie Hernandez shows us how to repair holes in drywall.


For larger holes:

-Drywall knife
-Drywall repair clips
-Spare piece of drywall
-Drill with a screwdriver bit
-Drywall tape


For smaller holes:

-Mesh drywall repair patch
-80- or 100-grit sandpaper


-Drywall mud (joint compound)
-80- or 100-grit sandpaper
-Can of spray texture (knockdown or orange peel)


For larger holes

1. Cut a piece of new drywall from the 2-by-2-foot square to approximately 2 inches larger in each direction than the hole you are repairing.

2. Place that square over the damaged area and trace around it.

3. Cut out square with a drywall knife.

4. Insert drywall repair clips, one each on all four sides.

5. Secure the clips by screwing through the existing drywall into the clip on the outside of the newly cut square hole.

6. Place the new piece of drywall in the hole, and secure the clips again by screwing into the new piece of drywall and into the clips (two screws for each clip).

7. Sand edges.

8. Place self-adhesive drywall tape over all four seams.

For smaller holes (up to 10 inches)

1. Sand around the perimeter of the hole, enough to remove any paint and texture around the hole to ensure patch adheres and doesn't stick out over existing texture.

2. Apply drywall repair patch


3. Apply drywall mud to area, getting thinner around the perimeter to blend old with new.

4. Let dry 24 hours.

5. Sand area

6. Apply primer

7. Apply spray texture, let dry.

8. Prime and paint to match existing (or use paint and primer in one to save a step).