Elizabeth Johnson released from prison; still no answers about baby Gabriel

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- She spent nearly five years in prison following the disappearance of her 8-month-old son Gabriel, and now Elizabeth Johnson is a free woman.

She first made headlines in 2009 for claiming she gave the child away to a couple in a Texas park.

As Frank McQueary processes the prison release of Johnson less than 24 hours ago, he fears the reality is that he will never know what happened to his precious grandson.

Johnson first claimed that she suffocated her son and dumped his body in a trash can, but later changed her story and told investigators that she gave him to an anonymous couple in Texas.

"She's afraid of being prosecuted for homicide in the state of Texas because Texas still has an open homicide investigation for this case," said McQueary.

Attorney Marc Victor unequivocally denies that his client murdered her son and says she served her time. He says the focus is now on possibly building a relationship with her son.

"Elizabeth wants what's best for Gabriel. ... We're not at that point where there's a decision to make about do you want to talk to Gabriel if you can," Victor said.

It's a scenario his grandfather says is not possible because he believes baby Gabriel is dead and his killer has been set free.

"There won't ever really be any conclusion to this unless Elizabeth changes her mind, which she's never going to do," McQueary said.