Phoenix weather: Monsoon break?

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Northwest Arizona saw lots of thunderstorm action on Thursday afternoon, with a flood watch in effect for a portion of the day. Other than that, the rest of the state has been fairly devoid of monsoon thunderstorms.

There are a few thunderstorms popping up in southeast Arizona that could have an impact around the Valley later tonight, but the chances are slim.

Monsoon flow will be disrupted somewhat Friday into the weekend, with less thunderstorm activity than seen the past week.

With this temporary lull in monsoon activity, temperatures across the region will warm well into the above-normal category.

Moisture should begin to surge back to the north and west early next week, allowing more pervasive storms to develop while temperatures fall back toward seasonal normals.

For Friday into Saturday, model trends remain consistent in calling for low/mid-level southeasterly flow. That will spread much drier and more stable air into much of Arizona.