Sex Talk Confessions: One woman's 'behind-the-scenes' warning

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

A woman is speaking out following a 3 On Your Side investigation into an Internet sex business.

"When it comes down to having to make money, you have to do what you have to do," she said.
We'll call her Marie and Marie has a dark secret.

"Like, I'm doing sex acts for money," she said.

Marie is sharing her story after seeing a recent 3 On Your Side investigation into a Tempe business that has no name on the outside, but apparently a lot of activity inside.

3 On Your Side visited the business after Kelli Stark, a college student, said she responded to an ad for a receptionist. But when she went inside the location for her job interview, Stark said they offered her something completely different: a position as a webcam host, which included performing sex acts in front of a camera and streamed online.
Stark said it was a far cry from the job that was posted or the job she wanted.

"I felt gullible, like I almost fell for it," she said. "So, I was kind of humiliated that if I took like 10 more minutes in there, I would have been stuck in this position and I would have fallen for this horrible thing that I didn't sign up for that I didn't want to do."

Marie claims the exact same scenario happened to her, except she took the job.
She thought she was applying for a secretarial position, but when she went to the business she was offered that webcam job instead.
Vulnerable, pregnant and desperate for money, Marie said she did it.

"I was about to be homeless -- pregnant, homeless and lose my other child," she said.

According to Marie, the inside of the business has 15 different rooms, each with a webcam and a female employee.
"There's no such thing as a webcam host, you're a webcammer; you're doing pornography on webcam," she said. "You hear girls screaming in the next room because they're performing sex acts.”

And conditions inside, she said, are disgusting.

"You come into these rooms and it's just a bed and a computer screen, no mattress cover, no nothing, there's stains on the mattress, it's pretty gross," Marie said.

We saw women coming and going from the business and we noticed they all had large duffel bags and backpacks.

"That's all their clothes and outfits and shoes and sex toys and accessories," Marie said.

Don't forget, Marie was pregnant when she worked there and claims she had a pretty big following doing sex acts on camera. Men would see the pictures of Marie then select her as their so-called webcam host.

As for a paycheck, Marie said she worked about three days a week, earning sometimes around $600 to $700 every week.
Every minute she could keep a customer on camera and online, the more money the business and Marie made.

"They get $5 a minute, I get 20 percent of that and they get the rest," she said.

The business is run by a guy named Christian Cecena Ojeda. He did not return calls to 3 On Your Side.
We wanted to talk about how those secretarial job postings seem to transition into online sex and although he didn't want to talk, former employees like Marie are.

"They just trick you and it's not fair," she said.

Marie is out of the business now and is home taking care of her newborn baby.
Looking back, Marie says it's a life she's glad she left.

As for Stark, she said she's fortunate she left the job interview before she got herself involved but wonders how many other women might be lured into it.

"You're not going to get a secretary job when you go in there, you're going to go in there and do porn," Marie said.