July is National Hot Dog Month

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July is National Hot Dog Month

Short Leash Hot Dogs
It started as a food truck and transformed into both food truck and local restaurant all thanks to their hot dogs with a twist! It’s no surprise that they have a four star average on Yelp and it has everything to do with their Naan bread, locally made wieners and creative combinations such as “The Sunny” with grilled seasonal fruit, prosciutto, mixed greens and goat cheese atop a chicken wiener!

Schreiner’s Fine Sausage
If you feel like grilling your own dog and bun at home, stop by Schreiner’s for locally-made sausage at its finest! This five star butcher on Yelp is family owned and has been around since 1955! Known for their traditional family recipes, they sell Bratwurst, Italian and Polish sausages in all different flavors, as well as turkey and chicken products that come in flavors like Cajun, Apple and even Southwest complete with tequila, salsa and lime juice!

Nogales Hot Dogs

Looking for a hot dog unique to the Southwest? Stop by Nogales Hot Dogs for a taste of the popular Sonoran Dog. The Yelp reviews rave about this hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with mayo, onions, tomatoes and beans. It’s so popular, this small shop has a 4.5 star average on Yelp!

Ted’s Hot Dogs
Ted’s fills the NYC hot dog void by bringing their hot dogs to The Valley of the Sun. With 300 Yelp reviews and a four star average, this family-owned hot dog shop has been perfecting their menu since 1927 and serves up a dog cooked over a charcoal grill and accompanied by their freshly seasoned French fries. Ketchup and mustard recommended but not required!