Unique & Sweet Baby Products

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Unique & Sweet Baby Products
By:  Rachel Harris, Managedmoms.com

In my last segment, I showed our show’s cohost, Kyle (who is expecting a girl in September) baby products that were the most recommended by women I asked who have recently had babies.  Today I have unique and sweet baby items that are things that I wish would have been around when my two were babies.  Most of these clever items were invented by parents, too.  Here is what is sweet and unique in the big baby product world….

*ciao! Baby the go anywhere high chair ($67.99 at www.theportablehighchair.com or amazon.com) – This is a mom-invented smart product because this portable high chair is easy to transport and gives baby a place to sit and dine that you know is sanitary, too.  No assembly is required and this is designed for children under 3 years old.

*Aqueduck Handle Extender & Faucet Extender (starts at $25 for both items with savings packages offered at www.peachyco.com) Mom invented, this handle extender enables kids to turn on and off the faucet, which gives us parents a break on our backs since we no longer have to lift them up every time they need to reach the faucet to wash their hands.  The faucet extender fits on most faucets and creates a waterfall effect so your little one can actually reach the water for efficient hand washing.  I also like that the handle extender's ducky wings secure the handle so it can't swing right or left, so the parent chooses the water temperature and it stays there.  This product is a parent favorite and has won the Mom’s Choice Award and the National Parenting Publication Gold Winner Award.

*Teether Tops ($8.99 at www.teethertops.com) Another great Mom invention, this smart item would have been so great for my babies because I am definitely an on the go Mom, so every time my baby dropped his or her teething ring in a public place, it was done for the day until I could get home and wash it thoroughly.  This teething toy straps onto baby’s wrist so it won’t be dropped on a dirty floor when you are out and about.  It can also be frozen, which is very soothing to baby’s gums and it is BPA free, machine washable and is made with 100% cotton.  What a smart momvention for sure!

*Miracle Blanket (starts at $29.95 with a variety of styles at www.miracleblanket.com and also sold at Target and other local retailers) – This product is Dad invented (go Dad) and the company is so confident that your baby will sleep well, and without colic, that it is 100% guaranteed!  This unique blanket comes with a foot pouch that makes swaddling easy and comforting for baby.  I also found it interesting that the Miracle Blanket website suggests ending the swaddling practice at about 14 weeks, although they do note that every baby is different and unique.  Once babies roll over on their own, the blanket can get in the way when they are face down.  The site also recommends wrapping baby in the blanket in a diaper only so that she doesn’t overheat, which I remember from my own baby days is a good suggestion.  I also like swaddling because it helps baby to keep from scratching his face, which my son did a lot.

*Peek-a-Zoo ($20 to $28 at www.mypeekazoo.com) – These mom invented onesies and t-shirts for baby are darling and each one represents a favorite zoo animal.  The comfy material features cute animal bodies on the front and informative and educational animal facts on the back.  Choose from styles that include zoo, sea and forest friends.  These are truly sweet and unique.

*Infanteenie Beenie ($19.99 at www.infanteeniebeenie.com) – These custom newborn hospital hats are a sweet option to the standard one you will get after the baby is born.  Choose from sweet girl caps that are adorned with bows or flowers or a heart that says
"Daddy’s Girl” and many other unique designs.  Boys hats are also fun with styles that include a little car, monkey, “Little Brother” sign and much more.  Truly unique and sweet!

*Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat + Stroller Base (this celeb favorite first class stroller set sells for $1260 at BabyLux Boutique at DC Ranch) -- This is the stroller that the celebrities use and I see why after checking one of these bad boys out!  This super stroller swivels and easily switches out pieces that include a car seat, stroller seat and more.  The car seat option is nice because parents don't have to lift baby in and out of the car seat since it comes out of the seat base in the car and snaps into the stroller base.  The eco-friendly materials are high quality and the 360-degree seat is convenient for viewing and out-of-the-house dining.  Celebs like Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and others are fans of the Orbit.

*Steri-Bottle ($5.99 for a 5-pack at Babies R Us and at www.steribottle.com) -- I love that these on the go baby bottles are recyclable!  The Steri-bottle is a disposable bottle that is BPA free and can be used right out of the box, which is perfect for traveling with baby and for those middle of the night feedings when you find yourself with a sink full of dirty baby bottles because you were too tired to do all the washing the night before.  This is a great parent invention that is a top selling baby product in the UK.  I'm happy for Kyle that it is here now!

I had a blast finding such unique and sweet baby products for Kyle.  Baby shopping is so fun and if you are expecting a little one take it easy and enjoy these last few weeks before your entire world changes and you are thrust into the big baby product world.  In the meantime, congratulations and I’m wishing you a wonderful delivery and joyful days ahead with your sweet baby!