My Infant Swaddling Quick Tip

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My Infant Swaddling Quick Tip
by:  Rachel Harris,

When my first born son came home from the hospital, he would scratch his little face, despite the baby mittens that I placed on hands.  Even though his nails were teeny, they do a number on his face with the scratching.  I wish that the Miracle Blanket had been around then because it makes swaddling a cinch.  Not only does swaddling help baby to feel secure, but it also prevents them from scratching his face. 

The Miracle Blanket (starts at $29.95 with a variety of styles at and also sold at Target and other local retailers) was Dad invented (go Dad) and this unique blanket comes with a foot pouch that makes swaddling easy and comforting for baby. 

I also found it interesting that the Miracle Blanket website suggests ending the swaddling practice at about 14 weeks, although they do note that every baby is different and unique.  Once babies roll over on their own, the blanket can get in the way when they are face down.  The site also recommends wrapping baby in the blanket in a diaper only so that she doesn’t overheat, which I remember from my own baby days is a good suggestion.

Here is how to swaddle baby with The Miracle Blanket:

Step One:
Lay the blanket on a flat surface with the foot pouch at the bottom and lay baby between arm flaps with tops of shoulders slightly above top of blanket.
Step Two:
Fold the arm flaps over the outside of your baby's arms and tuck them snugly under her back on each side. IMPORTANT: You should lift the baby's bottom to be sure the arm flaps are flat and snug under baby's back.
Step Three:
Pull the foot pocket up over the feet. NOTE: Some babies' feet may not reach the foot pocket yet. This is okay: It will be there for them as they grow.
Step Four:
Fold the right side of the blanket over your baby's belly and tuck it under the left arm pit (her right). This flap should wrap all the way under the baby's back.
Step Five:
Wrap the left side of the blanket over the top of her belly and all the way around her until you run out of blanket. This is where it is important to pull the blanket snug. THE BLANKET MUST BE PULLED SNUG.
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