Technical Rescue Team ready for water rescues during monsoon

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX-- Members of the Phoenix Fire Department train 200 hours to be a member of the TRT-- or Technical Rescue Team.

"The water in the Valley comes really fast and really fills up the reservoirs and the drain washes," TRT member Rayne Gray explained. "Streets get flooded and you start having lots of water runoff and it covers the roadways. Water can be relentless. We carry these personal floatation devices."

A firefighter in Phoenix for 16 years, Gray joined the Technical Rescue Team as a way to further his career.

Neoprene suits and throw bags are tools of the trade when monsoon storms hit the Valley.

"The biggest danger is that water is surprisingly fast and strong," Gray said.

Even shallow water, he says, can take down vehicles and trees and carry with it dirt, mud, boulders and rocks.

"First thing I want you to do is stay out of those waterways," he told 3TV viewers. "I know it's tempting. I know you want to get home. It's the quickest way home, but the reality is that those waterways are incredibly dangerous."

He says stay home if you can, or just stay put because he says the storms pass quickly and then the water will recede.

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