Protesters gather at Hobby Lobby, rally against Supreme Court ruling

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Protesters in Phoenix are sharing their frustration with a recent Supreme Court ruling concerning Hobby Lobby.

In late June, A federal judge ruled that Hobby Lobby and a sister company would not be subject to daily fines for refusing certain birth-control for workers.

Protesters are telling 3TV some employees at Hobby Lobby are concerned about the ruling, but are also worried they'll lose their jobs if they talk about it.

"In my own heart, this is about respecting our own bodies, separation of church and state, respecting women's bodies and men's bodies," says demonstrator Sheila Ryan.

Ryan believes deeply in a woman's right to choose, and says a life saving mandate was gutted when the Supreme Court ruled that some private employers with religious objections can now refuse to cover contraception for employees.

"We want females to have basic health care rights and not have it taken away from them by their employers," says demonstrator Panayiota Bertzikis, who is with NOW.

She says protests against the ruling are taking place nationwide in the fight for the rights of females, and says those directly affected by it have no voice.

"We did get a lot of support from Hobby Lobby they have told their employees not to talk to the media," A statement on hobby lobby's website reads in part: "Our family is overjoyed by the Supreme Court's decision. We are grateful to God and to those who have supported us on this difficult journey."