The Most Recommended Must Have Baby Product Picks

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The Most Recommended Must Have Baby Product Picks
by: Rachel Harris,

Shopping for a new baby can be pretty overwhelming.  With so many choices, which products are worth the money when it comes to caring for a new little one?  To answer this, I asked my gal pals and Facebook followers that have had babies in the last couple of years.  It has been a while since my two were babies, so it was interesting to see which products stood the test of time.  I also noticed that several items were mentioned time and time again by several different moms who called these products must have baby gear.

Since Kyle is now on her 3rd trimester (so exciting), I thought it was time to share the baby wisdom that my gal pals shared with me.  So if you are expecting, know someone that is pregnant or are attending a baby shower soon, take a look at these tried and true suggestions for the magical and very busy baby days.

My Gal Pal Baby Product Panel:

*From Jennifer Diaz -- Jennifer says -- A Boppy, I use it when I feed my baby and my baby loves to sleep on it.  Plus it is nice to sit baby up while he is awake and even my 2-year-old uses it to lay on when watching television.  Palmolive baby dish soap is amazing because it gets rid of the nasty milk smell from bottles and cups and is way better than normal detergent. Kirkland baby wipes from Costco are the best of the best. Dr. Brown's bottles are the best for newborns.  They are a pain to clean but are amazing for breast milk and formula.  The Dr. Brown's bottles are sold at Babies R Us.
Thanks Jennifer.  I loved Jennifer's ideas because the boppy takes me back to my own baby days and I also swore by it for my two kiddos.  The Boppy is an award winning baby product that was voted #1 11 times since 2002 by the readers of American Baby Magazine.  And because it is Boppy's 25th anniversary this year, for a limited time, consumers get a $30 bonus gift inside all Boppy Pillows (while supplies last). The cool gift is a coupon for a free photo book from Shutterfly.  For prices and Boppy styles, click here .

*From Nicole Royse -- California Baby for skin care for baby (sold at Babies R Us), Dr. Brown's bottles for breast feeding & formula, and Aden+anais swaddling blankets are perfect for our AZ climate.
Nicole's suggestions were interesting to me because I had several other new moms also recommend the Dr. Brown's bottles and the Aden+anais blankets that are both sold at Target.  I don't think either existed when I had my babies, so seeing these brands repeatedly recommended is great.

*From Amanda Rumore -- My daughter is 10 weeks. I love the snot sucker...and she gets a kick out of it, too. Velcro "mirrors" are great - she loves looking at herself. I love the Mamaroo swing and the 4moms bathtub (both sold at Babies R Us). Also the Dohm white noise machine is great! You can find that at Wal-Mart.
Thank you Amanda....the snot sucker seems so strange to me, but I'm told that it is terrific and writer and Walgreens beauty expert, Bianca also tells me that it is a top seller. 

*From Vanessa Rubino -- Muslin Aiden & Anias blankets and wearable blankets (best breathable blankets for AZ weather year round).  The Mustela newborn wash is hypo allergenic, gentle and smells good, too.  You can order that here.  My opinion is that Pampers diapers are softer than Huggies.  Sam's Club wipes are my top pick.  The best baby bath is the Primo that is sold at Babies R Us and lasts up to the toddler years.  I like this bath because it holds baby in position perfectly.  My favorite diaper bag is the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag (sold at Nordstrom and Pottery Barn).  It is pricey, but it is worth the money because it can also function as a backpack.  I would also tell you that cheap baby clothes get ruined faster, so I get name brands at local consigned clothing stores like Hissyfits Resale.  
Great tips, Vanessa and I especially love the Hissyfits local resale store idea for quality baby clothes.

Here are some other suggestions and all are great.  I especially love Debra's 3 S rule for happy babies. 

*Sarah Jeanne  -- Sleep sacks and breathable bumpers for the crib are good baby items and also make great gift ideas.

 *Debra Prather -- We lived by the 3 S's: swaddle, swing (back to front and side to side) and sound machine!! Definitely got us through the nights!

*Debra Sneed Olawski -- A white noise machine, Penaten Cream that is ordered from Amazon.  It was the only cream that healed the twins extremely excoriated bottoms. The swing/bouncy vibrating seat combo. The seat can come off and turns into a bouncer seat, so it is a smart 2-in-1 product.  And my most unique idea for the toddler years is a car potty! 

*Jennifer Johnson Schindler -- Mama Roo!!!

So there you have it, Kyle and other expecting Moms.  Tried and true baby gear that these Moms say are the best and are worth breaking into the baby budget to have on hand.  
To Kyle and to all of you new Moms, I wish you an amazing journey with your new little one.  It is a magical time...and it is exhausting, so remember to take care of yourself, too.  Enjoy because you won't believe how fast they grow up.  I am truly astounded that my two babies are now 16 and 12!