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NARS Eyeshadow

*Contouring is about changing the eye shape in subtle ways. 

Model 1

- Using the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, pop color under the arch of brow and inner corner to change the eye shape. Dione is used here as a champagne to add light.

- Dual intensity shadows can be used dry or wet for more intensity.

Model 2

- To jazz it up for night, use a dark color in certain areas, rather than all over the lid.

- Dip a small brush into this darker color and position the brush at the outer corners.

- Most women go wrong by applying too much shadow or applying it too high above the crease.

- Pop the darker color on the outer corner the eyelid and lash line, connecting the two in a V shape. This method of contouring is the easiest way to create a smoky look on any eye shape. 

Model 3

- These shadows can go on wet during day or night, depending on your lifestyle and what you want it to look like.

- Dampen the brush (but don’t saturate it). Use a brush that allows movement to easily paint a light, neutral champagne color right over the lid.

- Don’t take it up to the brow—just paint it right over the lid to open up the eye.

- To add drama, take a darker color (shown here in Giove) and apply along the lower lash line.

- Always reserve the inner corner for light.

- These shadows can be used wet or dry; they are meant to create.

- Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows are great for summer because they are weightless and richly pigmented.


Products Used:

Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows: 

- Dione (Model 1)

- Subra (Model 2)

- Andromeda & Giove (Model 3) 

#40 Eye Shadow Brush: 

Wet/dry Eyeshadow Brush: