Glendale family starts campaign for children in Nogales warehouse

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GLENDALE, Ariz. --- Images of migrant children in a Nogales warehouse have a Glendale family taking action.

"As a mother, it's killing me. I would love to go hold them all and give them kisses, but that's probably not realistic," Karyn Ogle told 3TV.

Instead, she and her husband, Jarrod Overbey, started raising money to buy supplies for the children.

Overbey says he spoke to a U.S. Border Patrol official, who said they will accept water, food, blankets and clothing for the children. Some are as young as 4 years old, sent to the United States from Central America alone by their parents.

"I'm all for (moving here) legally, but these are children. They didn't have a choice," Ogle said.

Overbey said while it's easy to criticize Gov. Jan Brewer and President Barack Obama, he and Ogle are putting politics aside.

"In the end, it's from our hearts," he said.

The family normally spends weekends delivering supplies to the homeless in Phoenix.

They started a campaign on called "H20 and Toys for the Children of Nogales."  

They are accepting donations of $5 and above, and hope to have a trailer full of supplies to drive to the children by the end of July.