Rescue dogs are suffering from shelter's cooling problems

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX ---  A group of rescue dogs is suffering, thanks to a malfunctioning cooling system.

"It was up to 102 in here this weekend.  The dogs were miserable," Jamie Harper told 3TV.  She owns the nonprofit Rockstar Rescue, at 12th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix.

"We've just been giving them ice chips, and wetting them down, trying to keep them cool," she added.

Harper and her volunteers say their landlord has been unresponsive to complaints about the aging, failing swamp coolers in the shelter's roof.

3TV reporter Tanya Mendis called the landlord late Tuesday afternoon, and moments later, a repair man showed up at the rescue.

"Everything's getting taken care of," the man, named Shawn, told the 3TV crew and rescue staff.

Still, Harper says it's a promise she has heard numerous times over the last two months.

"They just keep sending incompetent people over to fix it.  It's not working," she said.

An hour later, temperatures in the kennel were dropping.

"We care about dogs, and want to get it cool back here," Shawn said after repairing the cooler.

The staff remains skeptical, and only slightly cooler.  They are tracking the temperatures in the kennel, and hoping for a more permanent fix.

The landlord has promised to replace the units completely, if Tuesday's repair job does not hold.