Glendale motorcycle cops cope with the heat

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE, Ariz. --  Glendale reached a high of 110 Tuesday. And while many of us can escape the heat of the day in our homes, cars, or offices, motorcycle cops are under the summer sun all day long.

"I wanted to come to motors. It was one of the reasons I came to be a police officer was to become a motorcycle officer. I enjoy riding motorcycles," said Officer Duane Trier.

He says it's fun to ride bikes and as a motor cop he gets to patrol the whole city of Glendale instead of a beat area.  But when those tough summer months come, technology doesn't offer much help in keeping him cool.

"We've tried different things like little cooling vests and gel packs. They don't seem to last that long and today, when it's 110 out, they last 20 minutes maybe, before they turn 110 also," said Trier.

He says when it gets over 110 it's really hot on the bike. "We have a thermometer on the dash that reads ambient temperature and right now it's saying 117. So that's the temp coming off the bike itself as well as the asphalt as well as the sun," said Trier.

He takes frequent breaks, checks his emails at the station and does paperwork in the heat of the afternoon. He also stays stocked on lots of water and drinks it throughout the day.

"I have a water bottle up here, ice bottle, keep another one back here. I keep a frozen water jug that turns unfrozen in a couple hours back here in the saddle bag," he said.

On traffic patrol, he'll find a place to park the bike that may provide a little relief.  "If you're going to do traffic enforcement, you might as well find a shade tree to sit under to do traffic enforcement," said  Trier.

But after 17 years patrolling the streets on a bike, he's learned how to handle the heat on the road. "You start the summer and you start the day knowing it's going to be hot and there's no way around it. You don't stay cool," he said.