The one tip you need before you put on your eye makeup

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Celebrity makeup artist Zethina has one particular trick she swears by, regardless of the occasion. It has to do with making sure your eye makeup is flawless every time.

According to Zethina, it's very easy -- as long as you use translucent powder under your eyes. In addition to eliminating the possibility of raccoon eyes or an inadvertent bruised look, this trick can save you hours and money because you won't be wasting eye shadow.

Use a clean fluffy eye-shadow brush. The squirrel crease brush is a good example of this. It's the one she uses and it's available at

Apply a generous amount of translucent powder under the entire eye. Do your dark sexy eye makeup. Or maybe you just want a light glittery color. Regardless of choice, use the same brush to quickly sweep all translucent powder and any eye shadow fall-out away.

Finally, apply your mascara.

If you don't have translucent powder, fold a tissue in half and hold it under your eye with one hand while you use the other for shadow. Fold tissue in half again and do the other eye.

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