John Huppenthal makes TV appearance

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- He's said "sorry." But for what, exactly, is John Huppenthal apologizing?

The state's top educator expands on his regret for anonymous blog posts calling for an end to Spanish-language media and for referring to welfare recipients as "lazy pigs."

John Huppenthal sat down for a television interview for the first time since we saw him fighting tears at a press conference.

Monday, he sat down with Ted Simons on the PBS show "Arizona Horizon".

"Ted, it was a mistake. I should not have done it and I apologized for it. I let my family down. These writings didn't reflect- most of all- my actions as Superintendent," said Huppenthal.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction tried to focus the interview on the successes of school programs.  PBS Host Ted Simons kept Huppenthal on topic to address what some call racist and hurtful blog posts he wrote under a false name.

"That blog comment was offensive; it was hurtful. I've repudiated it. I've apologized for it," said Huppenthal. He blames his passion for policy for the blogs and says he let down his Department of Education, the citizens of Arizona and his family.

"I accept the criticism. I thought deeply about it; had a lot of discussions. You know my daughter called me up in tears talking to me about it.  It's been pretty hurtful," said Huppenthal.

He also added he would not resign.

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