Look thinner by choosing the right color, pattern and fit

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PHOENIX -- Looking thinner during the summer doesn't always mean going to the gym or dieting. Picking the right outfit involves more than just choosing good looking clothes, the clothes should also be flattering for your body.

Lifestyle expert Devy Walker sat down with 3TV's Kaley O'Kelly to show off how big of a transformation a change of clothes can cause. Every body is different, but a lot of people's bodies can be placed in to similar-looking categories.

Walker designed outfits for models with body shapes that she described as "oval," "pear," and "hourglass" shaped. Each model needed something a little different to have a flattering, thinner look that accentuated the right places.

A consistent line running from an outfit's bottom through the top was a reoccurring theme in multiple situations. The line makes the body look taller and thinner, sometimes even by multiple sizes.

Most wardrobe choices depend on the body wearing the clothes, so try different combinations and see what looks best.