Keep your pets cool during the summer heat

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PHOENIX -- Just like kids, pets can get sick of being stuck inside during the summer months. However, with temperatures consistently in the triple digits, precautions need to be taken when letting any four-legged friends run around outside.

Amanda Loback of spoke with 3TV's April Warnecke about techniques and products that can help dogs stay safe during the summer.

Much like with people, dehydration can be a major threat to pets out in the heat. While walking a dog during the summer, pet owners should carry water and a collapsible bowl so the dog can stay hydrated.

A great alternative to walks during the summer is swimming. Dogs can get their exercise in with some rigorous play in the pool and both the dog and the pet owner can stay cool. Pick up some fun, floating toys to get the dog interested in the water and enjoy a refreshing bit of exercise.

Finally, let your pet realize why today's not a good day for a walk. A dog that's stuck inside will want to go out, but after a little test walk in the outdoor heat the dog is more likely to understand that it's hot out and not a good time for a walk.

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