Save time in the morning with a 3-minute makeup routine

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PHOENIX -- It's tough for anyone to get out the door on time in the morning. Whether it's feeding pets, cooking breakfast or getting the kids out for school, it's always tough to find time to actually get yourself ready to go.

However, you can cut plenty of time off of that morning routine by getting your makeup done in just 3 minutes. While that might seem impossibly fast, the staff at Citrine Natural Beauty Bar showed 3TV's Heidi Goitia just how possible it is.

While it might not be the done-up night club or date night look, a clean, basic finish can be applied in under 3 minutes with the right technique and products.

Start with some form of moisturizer so the makeup applies smoothly. Then, a natural-looking cover-up solution that touches up any bags or marks but also blends cleanly in to the skin without looking like a cover-up. A combination cheek and lip product can give color to both areas with one product.

Once that's all applied, all that's left is a little eye makeup. After some color and mascara, you can be out the door with your look complete in under 3 minutes.