Create a custom, personalized fragrance

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PHOENIX -- The days of being bombarded by fragrance choices in a drug store beauty department and just hoping that whatever you choose works for you could be coming to an end. Organic, custom-built fragrances have arrived in style in Phoenix.

3TV's Heidi Goitia stopped by Citrine Natural Beauty Bar to see the step-by-step process their staff takes in creating a personalized fragrance specifically for each customer.

While each fragrance will be unique to its wearer, the beauty bar's process breaks down to four different bases to choose from. These bases are the different base scents you might expect in a perfume: a musky, wood-esque base, a soft, vanilla base, an exotic, floral base and an edible-smelling, cocoa and basil base.

These bases can then be combined with a number of different scents and top oils based on what the wearer wants. The end result is a fragrance without some of the chemicals that can cause irritation that smells different than any other fragrance around.

For more information on the process and to see more of the products offered at Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, visit their website.