3OYS Update: Social Security makes good on stolen disability check

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix mom and her son finally got what they've been waiting for: a check for $1,400.

"Thank you! Things wouldn't have gotten done without your help," says Tammy Daniel, who sure is a lot happier since you last saw her in a 3 On Your Side report.

Earlier this month, the Phoenix mom explained she was having a huge problem with the Social Security Administration and a disability check her son Dominic was supposed to have received.
"On the right side he wears hearing aids, and he does not talk either," she explains.

Tammy and her son are supposed to be receiving disability checks, but they've been fighting Social Security for some of that disability that they were supposed to have received nearly a year ago.  The amount was $1,400, which at the time represented three months of disability pay. However, someone apparently stole the check and cashed it at a nearby Walmart.

Tammy has been checking her mailbox for nearly a year now, waiting to hear what the Social Security Administration was going to do about the missing check or if they were going to pursue the thief who cashed it. But after getting no answers and no check from Social Security, Tammy contacted 3 On Your Side.  We got hold of the agency and told them about Dominic’s stolen check. When we did they immediately reissued the money.
According to Tammy, "They had uploaded his funds to his direct express card."

That’s right; $1,400 right where it belongs. The money will be used for Dominic’s medical expenses and other bills. Tammy added; "It's a load off me because I’ve been stressing about this for a year."

But there's one purchase that Tammy made that seems like money well spent. "I went and bought me a new mailbox with a lock."