Soccer fans take day off to watch World Cup

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- World Cup Fever is in full effect here in the Valley! We found many restaurants and bars packed with folks who took the morning (or the day!) off to watch some soccer.

Even though the outcome of Thursday's USA vs. Germany match was a disappointment for fans, our home team still advances to the final 16.

Jill Galus joined the crowds of fans at the Tilted Kilt in downtown Phoenix. Revelers wore their red, white and blue, proudly flew -and wore-  American flags and banners, and even ordered patriotic-colored drinks.

And although it was morning, folks were still partying! "Oh my gosh; it's amazing," said one fan. "For 9:00 in the morning, all these people? I can't believe it! All these people calling off work, taking off school." That fan told us she had the morning off, but even if she hadn't, she would have tried to take time off to watch the game.

"I'm a huge soccer fan," says another diehard fan. "USA is pretty awesome!"