911 Calls released in case of 20 dead dogs

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GILBERT, Ariz. -- The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office released new evidence on Tuesday in the case of 20 dead dogs at an East Valley home boarding facility.

Calls to 911 detail the first moments when pet owners found out their dogs had died at Green Acre Dog Boarding.

Caller 1: I need somebody sent out here to this address. This man just murdered my two dogs.

An understandably angry accusation is how the first 911 call started, as the dispatcher probed for information to begin understanding the scope of the tragedy.

911 dispatcher: You had two dogs there?

Caller 1: Yeah, they're both dead as doornails.

911 dispatcher: Oh my goodness.

There are times when the caller can be heard arguing with someone working at Green Acre.

Caller 1: Get away from those dogs; don't touch the other one. The cops are coming. Don't touch the other dogs. … I'm calling the cops. You’re, you're in trouble. I don't think you understand this, you idiot. How could you do this? All you had to do is watch a dog. You killed multiple dogs.

Others called 911, some confused because Green Acre had originally told them their dogs had escaped. Owners later called police after finding out those dogs were actually dead.

911 dispatcher: OK, (was) there anything wrong with your dogs?

Caller 2: Yeah, they're dead.

Green Acre owner MaLeisa Hughes has defended her business by saying a dog chewed through a wall and wire, cutting off the air conditioning to a holding area.

“We are heartbroken. Nobody ever wanted this to happen, and we are completely, utterly devastated and heartbroken. Nothing could have prevented it,” Hughes told 3TV on Monday.

Hughes did admit that her husband originally panicked after discovering the dead dogs and lied to pet owners by telling them their dogs were missing.

The sheriff's office is investigating and has promised charges if wrongdoing is discovered.