Make low-calorie sushi for a fun summer meal

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PHOENIX -- Some people might think of sushi as being fatty and high in calories. Others might think it's impossible to make without years of practice. According to the folks at Sushi Roku, both of those thoughts are wrong.

Chef Miles Newcomer from the Scottsdale restaurant showed 3TV's Kaley O'Kelly how to make a caterpillar roll with just five ingredients and 350 calories without sauce.

A caterpillar roll has avocado, cucumber and eel wrapped inside of the traditional sushi rice and seaweed paper. While trained chefs like Newcomer might make rolling sushi look easy, anyone can do it with instructions and a little trial and error.

As for the ingredients, Newcomer said you can find the right stuff in many stores, but not quite everywhere. He recommended getting fish at a more upscale grocery store to make sure it's sushi grade and to pick up seaweed paper at any Asian grocery store.

To learn more about Sushi Roku at the W in Scottsdale, visit their website.