Ice King helps the Valley stay cool in the summer heat

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PHOENIX -- From drinks to pools to anyone working in the sun, ice keeps a lot of things cool in the Valley during the summer. However, the ice tray in the kitchen freezer just doesn't get the job done for more heavy-duty ice making, which is where places like Ice King come in.

At Ice King they manufacture 100 tons of ice every day, divided in to 28,000 bags. They don't just service people's homes with all that ice: they provide ice for major events like spring training and for restaurants and other businesses that need to cool things down.

3TV's Heidi Goitia took a look at the ice making process from production to bagging with Ryan Maasen, the company's president. While temperatures may be touching triple digits throughout the Valley, it was as cold as 15 degrees inside parts of Ice King.

On top of regular ice for a variety of uses, Ice King makes some more creative ice products. Ice shot glasses are a particularly popular selection this time of year. Maasen said that when party-goers are done with the shot glasses, they can throw them in the pool and try to cool it down to a more refreshing temperature.

For more information about Ice King, visit their website.