3OYS: Scottsdale day spa rubbing employees the wrong way

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz -- A Scottsdale business abruptly closes, leaving employees and customers asking a lot of questions.

Those employees and customers have one main concern: money. Employees say they worked for this business and were never paid. And customers say they bought Groupon packages and now they fear they can't use them.

At issue? The Brow Lady Day Spa in Old Town Scottsdale. One employee said; "The business is being shut down and we were never told."

Nearly a dozen current or former employees are demanding answers from spa owner Eric Bowman.  He declined to talk on camera with 3 On Your Side, but his employees say the spa handed them paychecks that bounced after the spa closed. Brandi Vinson said; "I have not received anything as far as compensation."

Another issue is that The Brow Lady Day Spa reportedly sold dozens of Groupon packages and accepted the money, all the while knowing the business was closing. When you call the spa here's the message you get:"The salon is closed temporarily due to renovations."

Bowman eventually wrote 3 On Your Side saying, in part; "I am in the process of transitioning the salon to a booth/station rental salon."  He went on to say the salon “will continue to service our 12,000 dedicated and loyal clients that have remained with us.”   So what about all of those Groupons the company sold before closing down? Another employee said; "They're going to have to fight with Groupon and get a refund."

But, Bowman and Groupon say no fight will be needed because those Groupons will, in fact, be honored when the store re-opens.   As for the employees and their paychecks, one employee said; “None of us has actually gotten paid, or we've gotten a check that was invalid or a fraud check."
One employee who was given a bad check did receive a valid cashier’s check after we got involved. But others were not so lucky, Gonzales added; “I don't even know what to say to the owner. I just want to be peaceful, get my items, go speak to my attorneys and move forward."

Bowman, the owner, met with employees and offered them a chance to stay on board. But, at least one employee we spoke with said there's too much bad blood. And after one employee got some of her items from the business, she said it's time to move on.

Although the business is supposed to re-open, there's no clear indication exactly when that will happen.

So, if you have a Groupon, it's still unknown when you'll be able to use it.  And as far as employees are concerned, many say they won't return.