3OYS: Phoenix mother frustrated over son's stolen disability check

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By Jayson Chesler By Jayson Chesler

PHOENIX -- Tammy Daniel and her 4 year old son Dominic make ends meet the best they can. Like a lot of families, things are a little tight financially because the two of them have been waiting for Dominic’s disability check from the Social Security Administration.

"On the right side he wears hearing aids and he does not talk, either," Tammy said.

Dominic was approved for disability and the Social Security Administration was supposed to send him and Tammy a $1,400 check that represented 3 months of back pay. The check never arrived, but a letter from social security did.

"Well, what caught my suspicion was the letter had came," Tammy said. "It stated that I had received the amount of $1,460.01."

Tammy said she never saw that $1,400 check and made multiple trips to the social security office to report the missing check.

"The second time I went there they told me that someone had cashed it on the 29th of July of 2013."

Tammy did some investigating and found out the check meant for her and Dominic was cashed it at a nearby Wal-Mart.

"With no I.D., with no social security number, nothing. They just let them cash it."

While Tammy said the disability checks are now direct deposited, she said Wal-Mart gave her a copy of the cashed check and the signature on it wasn't hers. She then went back to the social security office.

"They just took the copy of the check that I had and they shredded it," Tammy said. "They said they aren't even supposed to give me that copy at all."

With evidence of the forged check now gone, Tammy is upset. She said she's spent nearly a year trying to sort it out and she still doesn't have any answers from social security about the missing funds or if they're even looking into the matter.

"How can you steal from a child that's disabled? That’s got all these health issues and for them to just cash it and walk away with it," Tammy said. "They’re out free and I need this person caught."