Eric Bana, Joel McHale 'Deliver Us From Evil'

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- It's a movie that's sure to be as chilling as it is controversial.

Based on a book by a retired NYPD cop-turned-demonologist, "Deliver Us From Evil," stars Eric Bana ("Hulk," "Star Trek," "Lone Survivor") and as Ralph Sarchie, a Bronx detective who worked with an unconventional priest specializing in the rituals of exorcism.

Comedian Joel McHale ("The Soup," "Community") stars, as well.

Bana and McHale stopped by 3TV Friday morning to chat with Scott Pasmore about the movie.

"It's always interesting when something is loosely based on fact," Bana said. "It's loosely based on a lot of stuff that happened to him [Sarchie] and his experiences as a police officer and as an assistant in exorcisms, which is what Ralph does in real life."

"Deliver Us From Evil" is rated R and opens July 2.

Sarchie's book, the impetus for "Deliver Us from Evil" is called "Beware the Night." It came out in 2001.