Avoid brain drain: Keep your kids' brains sharp during summer break

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Did you know the average child can lose more than two months of learning during summer break? Research shows that teachers typically spend four to six weeks re-teaching material that student have forgotten over summer.

There are some ways to avoid "brain drain" and keep your kids' brains sharp during the summer months.

June 20 is actually "National Summer Learning Day." So we brought in an expert with some tips on how to get some learning from fun activities.

One fun idea starts with items in your recycling bin. "This is what we call a recycle robot," says Pearl Chang Esau with Expect More Arizona. "It's so easy; just built with household recyclables. Digging out things in your recycle bin and a pot of glue, you can put together this robot."

Kids can then use it for a math activity. Kids can count the number of angles, sides, squares and cylinders.

You could also do some science activities with your kids, like creating an ecosystem. "Everything in the earth is connected," she says. "So this is an ecosystem in a  bottle. All you need are the materials you see on the table: a little bit of soil, some plants." Then your kids can just observe and sww what happens in the ecosystem each day.

Summer is also a great time to read! "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" by Dr. Seuss is a great book that parents can use to bring reading to life.  "The ability to read is the foundation for all school-based learning," she says.

For more ideas on how to prevent summer brain drain, visit the Expect More Arizona website.