Get energized with a coffee keg

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PHOENIX -- Cartel Coffee Lab has crashed their barista and bartending ways into each other to create a new way to enjoy iced coffee. Now, anyone looking to serve some caffeine at a party or office has a compact and fun way to bring and store local coffee.

Dylan DeMiguel of Cartel Coffee Lab stopped by the Good Morning Arizona set and spoke with 3TVs Kaley O'Kelly about the new product. DeMiguel said Cartel is one of just 3 places in the country to offer coffee kegs and that the shop is receiving national attention from the Food Network about its unique twist on coffee.

The kegs are available in two sizes: the full-sized, 13.2 gallon keg and the smaller, 5.2 gallon torpedo keg. DeMiguel said the full keg will serve just over 100 glasses of iced coffee.

DeMiguel recommended ordering a keg 24 to 48 hours before it's needed, as it takes some time to get the fresh coffee in a keg. To find out more about Cartel Coffee Lab and how to order a coffee keg, visit their website.