Woman arrested for deadly crash has prior DUI

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. -- The woman police say is responsible for causing a crash that killed two people in Mesa last week has a prior DUI.

Ingrid Morataya, 35, was arrested after being released from the hospital.

She is facing manslaughter, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment charges.

According to court documents, Morataya's family was packing up her stuff, planning to send her back to her home country of Guatemala once she was released from the hospital.

3TV stopped by that house Tuesday, but her family did not want to speak with us.

Mesa police suspected Morataya was impaired when she slammed into a Chevy Malibu that was stopped at a red light at Recker and Brown roads causing a chain reaction.

Jason or 'Chris' Aguilera and his girlfriend, Guadalupe Madril, were killed instantly.

At this point, officers are awaiting the results of Morataya's blood draw to determine what if anything was in her system but they say she admitted to smoking some marijuana the night before the crash.

Posts on Morataya's facebook page show her friends and family think her poor mental health was to blame for the crash.

Aguilera's family doesn't buy it.

"She knew what she was doing that day, she knew she was out to hurt somebody," said Angela Aguilera.

We've learned Morataya was arrested just a few days before the crash for disorderly conduct. According to the arrest paperwork, she was running up and down her street knocking on doors and screaming at her neighbors.

Officers reported she was saying things like 'I can move the moon' and other 'strange things.'

Currently Morataya is being housed in the psych area of the county jail on a $500,000 cash only bond.

Aguilera's family says her behavior leading up to the crash does not excuse her actions.

"Anybody can do that, be crazy for a couple of days and act crazy, but that doesn't give you the excuse to do what you do," Kelly Aguilera said.

They also told 3TV  that if family and friends were worried about her they should have done something to keep her from hurting herself or others.

At this point the Aguileras say they would just like her to take some responsibility.

"Own up to what you did, ya know, I haven't heard any apology from her family or herself," Aguilera said.

Funeral arrangements for Jason Aguilera are set for this weekend with a viewing Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Community Church of New Thought on Broadway in Mesa. His funeral service is set for Saturday morning at that same church.