Valley dog dies after massive tumor removed (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
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PHOENIX -- A Valley dog who captured the hearts of those who heard her story, has died. The boxer-mix, named Myla, had a nine-pound tumor removed Tuesday, but did not survive.

The seven-year-old dog underwent the surgery at North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, where a veterinarian removed the volleyball-sized tumor.

The surgery had been arranged and paid for by Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary released this statement: "It's with an extremely heavy heart that we announce Myla did not survive her surgery today. We will post more later, but we are far too sad. Thank you for understanding."

Myla's owners had raised her for seven years, but handed her over to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, saying they could not afford the surgery to remove the mass, which had grown dangerously large.

"The bigger it gets, it'll start cracking, so it's at a point where it needs to be taken care of," Kim Sasso of Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary had  told 3TV.  

The sanctuary initially had said Myla survived the surgery, but she reportedly died several hours later.