Summer travel packing tips

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PHOENIX -- Packing a suitcase can be an art form, especially when it's supposed to hold an entire summer vacation wardrobe. Stylist Devy Whelan showed 3TV's Kaley O'Kelly the secrets of looking good from day to night while avoiding baggage fees.

Before you start packing any clothes, Whelan said to figure out your vacation itinerary and check the weather of wherever you're going. San Francisco in the summertime might sound great, but that 70 degree weather will be freezing compared to Arizona's 110 without the right wardrobe.

For that wardrobe, the magic ratio is two tops to one bottom. Keep the bottoms basic to make the tops really pop.

Not only can sun hats change any outfit based on how they're worn and take care of any bad hair days, they're also easy to pack. Roll them up in a little tube to save some valuable suitcase real estate. Jewelry can also be stored easily and can really change an outfit.

Lastly, take advantage of the carry-on bag. Don't bring a small purse; stuff the small purse plus whatever else needs storing in to a larger tote bag.