Summer Selections: June's Ten Under $10 Drug Store Beauty Products

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Summer Selections:  June's Ten Under $10 Drug Store Beauty Products
By:  Rachel Harris,

This month's ten drug store beauty products that all sell for under $10 include some interesting picks because some are brand new and some are only sold in the summer.  So take a look to see if there is a summer beauty must have that you want to grab before it sells out at your local Walgreens store.  Walgreens beauty expert, Bianca showed me what the hot items are to keep your beauty budget cool.  Let's go from head to toe...

*Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo ($6.99 or $4.99 with Walgreens rewards savings) -- Bianca tells me that her customers come to the store in droves asking if this summer shampoo has hit the shelves yet.  It is only for sale during the summer months and according to Bianca's customers, it works wonders to remove chlorine and prevent blondes from ending up with that dreaded green hair from too much pool swimming.  Use after every swim.

*No7 Hydrating Mineral Water Spray ($9.99 at Walgreens) -- This non-greasy mineral water spritz instantly hydrates and leaves skin feeling fresh. It cools, refreshes and hydrates all day long, which feels great during our hot Arizona summer. It can also be used to set makeup with a quick spritz once all of your makeup has been applied to your face.

*Botanics by Boots Facial Oil 100% Organic ($8.99 at Walgreens) -- Bianca says to use this under makeup or under sunscreen to lock in moisture that will hold up all day.  This can be used in the morning or in the evening after cleansing.  Customers like that it is 100% organic and that the beneficial ingredients include nourishing rosehip oil. Rosehip is nature's nourishing gem. The seeds are a rich source essential Omega oils, which help to improve suppleness and keep all skin types beautifully soft and healthy looking. I was impressed by how excited several of the Walgreens gals were about the Botanics line.  They told me that the line worked well on their sensitive skin and that they love that Botanics never tests on animals.  I like that, too.  This also does not contain any parabens.  $8.99 is a reasonable price when it comes to facial oil, which is another benefit of this product.  The Walgreens gals told me that the Royal family uses this line and I discovered that the Boots line is a favorite of the House of Windsor — it even has a royal warrant, meaning the royal family endorses the quality of the products. That is pretty cool, especially since we can get it at reasonable prices at our local Walgreens stores.

*Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Shine Away ($7.51 marked down 20% through June 28th at Walgreens) -- With clarifying willow bark, this mineral-rich ionic mask absorbs excess oil and detoxifies skin.  Willow bark is nature's champion clarifier. Pollution and aging skin cells can clog up pores, resulting in shine and blemishes, so this mask helps to draw out deep-rooted impurities without over drying.

*Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Powder ($8.99 or $6.99 with Walgreens Rewards savings) -- Bianca says this oil free compact facial foundation powder is great to rid the face of the sweaty summer shine we get and also works well after a workout, so some of her customers keep it handy in their gym bag.  Cool Katy Perry is the face of this brand.

*Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curve Mascara ($5.99 at Walgreens) -- I am always intrigued when Rimmel introduces a new mascara because this London line actually invented mascara.  With a truly unique brush, that Rimmel calls the broken heart brush, that curves to the lash line plus the brush tip grabs hard to reach lashes.  This mascara is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.  I used it and I really do like the unique wand, although it does take some getting used to, but I was happy with the results.

*Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain ($9.99 at Walgreens) -- Bianca tells me that this replaces Revlon's Just Bitten lip stain, so if you were a fan of that line, try this now.  I especially love the summer shade called Cannes Crush, which is a brilliant coral color.  The one thing I don't like about this lip gloss is the scent, which is a bit strong and not pleasant, although once you apply the product the smell does quickly disappear.  Also interesting to note is that I had read mixed reviews about how long the stain lasts, but I found it to last most of the day on me and even after I ate, which was impressive.

*Boots Extracts Coconut Body Scrub ($9.99 at Walgreens) -- Since skin tends to dry out in our hot summer sun, it is important to exfoliate and this body scrub does a nice job doing just that.  With Shea butter and coconut oil, this combination smells great, too. 

*Botanics Hand & Body Oil ($8.99 at Walgreens) -- I love the delicate scent of this nourishing body oil and it felt great on my dry hands. This unique ultra-nourishing formula includes a replenishing blend of salt flower, jojoba and almond oil that leaves summertime dry skin feeling soothed and hydrated for a healthy glow.  Iceland Moss, native to the icy Arctic and mountain regions, is rich in natural sugars which help to calm and hydrate thirsty skin.  Be sure to let it dry before you dress.

*Essie Nail Polish ($8.50 at Walgreens) -- Essie has a huge following at Walgreens, so Bianca tells me that customers have been especially excited about the seasonal summer colors.  One fun color is the blue shade that is called Strut Your Stuff and the pretty pale natural color named Urban Jungle.  Two other fun hues are the hot pink called Haute in the Heat and the teal named Ruffles and Feathers.  All the shades are fun and they are seasonal, so Bianca says to come to Walgreens now if you want one because once they are gone, they are gone.  You got the scoop here on that!

So that is this month's Ten Under $10.  Did I miss any seasonal summer beauty products that we should know about?  Tell us here in the comments section and be sure to check out my blog at for more beauty news, recipes and more.  Happy summer beauty product shopping.