Monsoon 2014 begins

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- The official start of the monsoon was Sunday, but it could be weeks before we see any severe weather.

The monsoon can bring flash floods, more wildfires, dust storms, and occasionally microbursts.

“The microbursts that are causing really major damage are the ones that are extremely rare, fortunately, for us,” said meteorologist Randy Cerveny.

But the crucial thing the monsoon brings to our parched state is rain.

Daniel Leins with the National Weather Service said that this year, we probably won’t see much monsoon activity until July 4. The monsoon season will end in late September.

"The monsoon looks like it's going to be pretty average around here,” said Leins. "Maybe a little warmer than normal but precip wise, it looks right around average."

He said when an area has had a drought for as long as Arizona has, it's less favorable for storms to form.

Leins said since the ground is so dry, there may be more dust and fires, but flash flooding is not ruled out this monsoon.

Leins also said El Niño could bring big storms later this year, making it a wetter-than-normal winter across Arizona.