3OYS: Valley woman discovers used car has odometer discrepancy

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Kevin Kendall runs a north Phoenix business called Fearless Motorsports.

It's a business Sharon Masta knows all too well because Fearless Motorsports is where she purchased her 2004 Nissan Xterra.

Masta said she bought the car after finding it advertised on Craigslist.
“We ended up agreeing to $7,450,” she said.

Masta said she handed over all that money in cash to Kendall, who drew up a bill of sale stating he owned the Nissan and gave her a folded up title.

But once she drove off in the Nissan and looked at the title, she panicked.

“When I turned over the title is when my boyfriend heard me scream, 'Oh my God,' because I saw the actual miles unknown on the vehicle,” she said.

According to the title, the odometer on the Nissan is not the actual mileage and warns potential buyers of an odometer discrepancy.

“It's not a clean title,” she said.

She's right, but that's not what the advertisement says. It clearly indicates a clean title.

CARFAX indicates it's a branded title, which means to watch out for problems.

“A branded title is something such as hail, lemon, fire or mileage issues,” she said.

So, that's when 3 On Your Side went to Kendall, who denied that he pulled a fast one on Masta.

When 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper asked Kendall if Masta purchased the car fully knowing it had fraudulent mileage, he replied, "She sure did."

Kendall, who has had several brushes with the law, then said 3 On Your Side should be talking to the owner of Arizona Auto Sales, who's listed on the back of the title and for whom Kendall says he sold the car.

We called Arizona Auto Sales and talked to owner Joseph James, who said he knew about the car problem and wanted to talk to us.
We set up an appointment but when we showed up, Arizona Auto Sales was closed and James was nowhere to be found.

James may have dodged 3 On Your Side for now, but he can't dodge state investigators who confirm they're investigating him and Arizona Auto Sales, along with Kendall and Fearless Motorsports.

That's because the history surrounding this Nissan is a mess, with two sellers, incorrect mileage and a suspicious title.

It's a combination that Masta said has left her a victim because she paid top dollar for a car she now believes is worthless.

"I would definitely consider it a lemon," she said.