RxArmory: Local mom's invention gains national attention

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Did you know that the vast majority of teens abusing prescription drugs obtain them from the medicine cabinets of friends, family and acquaintances?

Now, there's a way to protect against drug theft and ensure that your medicines cannot be removed.

The invention is called RxArmory. It provides a safe, convenient and affordable method of securing prescription drugs into existing medicine cabinets, helping prevent accidental or intentional misuse.

Mounting into a fixed position within your existing medicine cabinet, the RxArmory protects children, teens and visitors from having easy access to potentially harmful drugs.

The Valley mom behind the invention is Shelley Mowrey, Vice President of RxArmory. On Wednesday's Good Morning Arizona, Mowrey explained more about what the product can do, and why it is now gaining some national attention.

"Every eight minutes, a child is treated in the emergency department because of prescription drug poisoning," she says. "So what this dos is, it puts a barrier between your kids and the prescription drugs that might be in your home. So it's a prevention tool; a way to prevent easy access and kids getting their hands on it and misusing it."

Shea Homes has become the first home builder in the country to offer the RxArmory to its buyers as a way to safely store medication. In fact, anyone who has purchased and closed on a Shea home in 2014 will receive one for free.

"Offering this in Shea Homes will help us move mountains when it comes to preventing youth access to these drugs," says Mowrey. "So if we can prevent access, we can do a lot to prevent use."

You can buy it at RxArmory.com, homedepot.com, and amazon.com. It sells for $39.99.

The RxArmory box does not require tools for installation, and once installed it cannot be removed.