Hundreds of migrant kids housed in Nogales warehouse

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

NOGALES -- Hundreds of undocumented children from Central America have been dropped off alone in Arizona, and the federal government says it won't stop anytime soon.

Local activists are calling for action to help kids who have nowhere to go.

The activists, along with community leaders, toured the warehouse where the children are staying. 

They found that there is room for improvement. They said the kids sleep next to racks of supplies and there is chain linked fence separating them.

"They don't need to be in a situation or a place like this, you know,” said Reverend J.T. Torres.

Reverend Torres said he saw about 1,000 children inside the Nogales processing facility.

"My heart goes out to them. It's sad," said Torres.

But not everyone who has toured the facility thinks the kids are living in bad conditions.

Instead,some say border patrol officers are doing the best they can do to house so many children.

"What they did is they separated the warehouse with chain link fence. They had they to do that. There are little girls and they have to separate the girls and the boys," said Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino.

Garino said he thought the children looked like they were in good condition, except for some sad faces.

"They said that they felt sad," he says. "I asked why, thinking that something was wrong, and they said because ‘I miss my parents.’"

Garino said from what he could see the children were well-fed, and even had plenty of water, juice and crackers between meals.

Garino said he was also told most of these children have relatives in the United States. He said he saw phones in the facility that are used for them to contact those relatives, so that the kids can reunite with them after they're processed.

"Something's got to be happening in their country. I just hope that our government and our Congress sits down and talks about immigration reform and dedicate some time to maybe sending somebody over there and find out what's really happening,” said Garino.

The mayor said he was told after the kids were processed, they would be transferred out, about 200 to 300 at a time. But while those children are transferred out, more are expected to continue to come to this facility around September.