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3 products that I love to use are hydrogen peroxide, Bounce dryer sheets and apple cider vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for anything from cleaning your fridge, which there are tons of uses for cleaning, wound care (which we all know...especially my kids...lol), soaking your toothbrushes after being sick rather then running to the store and buying new ones, to gargling it in your mouth as a mouthwash or even when you have a sore throat...just DONT SWALLOW!! I also use hydrogen peroxide to clean my grout & tile even. 1/2cup to 1 gallon of water. Bounce dryer sheets are also great! They can be used for dusting and baseboards because they're a great dust magnet, but my favorite is using it as a deodorizer. I use them in my car, gym bag, shoes and you can also put it in your toilet roll for a fresh smell every time you pull the toilet ppr. And last, but not least, apple cider vinegar. This has so many uses it's ridiculous. Personally, I have used it for cold sores and gargling as a mouthwash alternative, but Ik people who have used it for weight loss and acne even.


 I will just say VICK's Vapor rub is my go too oo product.  I have used it for just about anything.  Congestion, sore throats, colds, fevers.  I just rub it everywhere, chest, even on the bottoms of the feet and the temples.  If for a sore throat I will give about a half of teaspoon to swallow. For congestion microvawe about a teaspoon in a bowl of water and have the person inhale the steam. I used to get infected hangnails and my mom would put warm milk and bread on it then wrap it with a clean cloth. This was called a poultice  I did it to my kids also. It took away the pain and brought out the infection. This is a home remedy for laryngitis,  1cup warm water, teaspoon baking soda, teaspoon salt , 1/2 tea peroxide gargle every few hours. It really does work.


I use Hydrogen peroxide for so many things I can hardly keep it in the house.  Disinfecting cutting boards, mouth wash, blood stains on clothes, (keep in mind what I do for a living) cleaning wounds on humans and dogs! etc.
Next would be Apple cider vinegar...weird thing but it stops leg cramps, helps dogs with tummy aches, also is a great cleaner for coffee pots, , irons.
Cream of tartar is one of those weird ingredients that is a great bleach without being as harsh (or smelly).  Tile cleaner, again, clothes but need to try a spot that's not visible first.