Chef Dad crock pot pulled pork

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Chef Dad's Crock Pot Pulled Pork

5-6 lb. Pork Shoulder
1 Tbsp. Worchester Sauce
1 Tbsp. Liquid Smoke
½ Can of Beer (must be a light domestic beer such as Coors Light - very important)
1 Yellow Onion (diced large)
6 Garlic Cloves (rough chopped)
6 Tbsp. Rub Seasoning (your favorite or see recipe below)
2 Bottles BBQ Sauce (your favorite)
Butchers Twine

1)    Remove your pork from the supermarket package and dry it off with paper towels.
2)    Combine your Worchester sauce with the liquid smoke in a small bowl and mix well.  Pour that sauce over the meat and rub in well on all sides. Now sprinkle about 6-8 tablespoons of your seasoning all over the meat and rub it in well.  If you have butchers twine, tie the meat twice in each direction so you can remove the meat a lot easier from the crock pot later on.  
3)    Take your diced onion & garlic and put it in the bottom of your crock pot.  Pour your ½ can of beer plus about ¼ cup of your first bottle of BBQ sauce over the onion and garlic.  Place your pork on top of that. Now pour the rest of that first bottle of BBQ sauce over the meat.  Just that one bottle, keep the other bottle for later.  Put the lid on the crock pot.  Set the temperature to low.  Leave it alone without opening the lid for at least 10 hours and up to 12.  
4)    If you used the butchers twine, use a pair of tongs or slide the handle of a long wooded spoon under the twine then lift it out.  Otherwise, carefully remove the meat from the crock pot by picking up the food container out of the heating unit then pour the whole thing into a strainer.  Take the meat and put on your work surface and remove all the onion & garlic.  Separate the fat & bone from the meat.  You can use the remaining bottle of sauce to add more flavor to the meat by pouring about ¼ cup of it over the pulled meat then toss them together.  Serve on your favorite bun and leave the remaining sauce available for people who want more.  

This recipe makes at least 16-20 sandwiches.

Do NOT use the "Keep Warm" or "High" setting on your crock pot.  "Low" is perfect.

Chef Dad's Rub Recipe
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp. Table Salt
1 Tbsp. of each Black Pepper, Chili Powder, Paprika, Onion Powder & Garlic Powder
1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper

Mix well together and keep unused portion in an air tight container.