NARS Brushology

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NARS Brushology


- Invest in brushes as tools. Pick up the proper ones that are right for you and fit your hand.

- Use the Yachiyo Brush as a blush and cheek highlighter on cheekbones and cheeks. Put highlighter on brush and swirl product so each hair is covered. Lay into skin and move it around like an airbrush machine.

- Use the #42 to emphasize and diffuse color. Gently insert into crease area to buff.

- Use #41 for powder, lid, chin, across bridge of nose, underneath lip area. It’s very versatile and you can use it all over for highlights.

- Use the #43 angled brush (Raquel’s favorite) to place a base color on the eye or turn it using the longer end to insert into the crease. Because it’s angled, you can use it to apply base or diffuse color. Move it around, twisting your wrist.

- Wash brushes every couple weeks—use facial cleanser or mild shampoo. Squeeze out the water and place on the counter overnight to dry.

- Use #13 in tight areas where larger brushes or your finger might not fit. Use it on small blemishes to pinpoint imperfections.


Yachiyo Brush

#42 Blending Eyeshadow Brush

#41 Diffusing Brush

#43 Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush

#13 Precision Blending Brush