3OYS: Scottsdale woman heated over missing vintage oven

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- When 3 On Your Side first caught up with Joe Deaton, he sped away when he saw our camera.

3 On Your Side's Gary Harper told Deaton we were doing a news report on him and asked if he wanted to talk, but he ignored us and drove off in his truck.

Scottsdale resident Louise Lamb says she's not surprised Deaton sped away. She says he's been ignoring her phone calls for months.

"Don't just not answer my calls. Let me know what's going on," Lamb says to herself every time she tries to call Deaton.

Lamb is angry because of a gaping hole in her kitchen where her oven is supposed to be. Not just any oven either; it's a turquoise General Electric oven made back in 1957 and now, Lamb says it's missing.

"I've just been having problems getting it back," she said. "They're not answering my phone calls."

Lamb says she hired Deaton to remove, repair and refurbish the antique oven in late March. According to documents filed with the state of Arizona, Deaton and a woman named Brenda Flood run a business called Central Appliance Repair.

Lamb claims Deaton and Flood looked at the oven and after promising to repair it in one month or less, they left with her oven and $417, which is half the price to refurbish it.

"I am frustrated. I'm angry. I'm livid. I'm not happy," Lamb said.  

3 On Your Side got involved and went to the address of Central Appliance Repair, which is listed on Lamb's invoice. The building was abandoned and locked up.

We dug a little deeper and discovered that the phone number Deaton and Flood used is now attached to a company called Vintage Oven Connextion. The name obviously caught our attention because Lamb's appliance is vintage.

However, when we went to Vintage Oven Connexction, it too was closed down. A note was still taped to the office window from the landlord saying the tenants were kicked out.  

Finally, we went to the home where we're told Deaton and Flood live. An acquaintance took our business card and Deaton eventually called us.

He told 3 On Your Side that he always planned on repairing the oven. Although he never did tell me why he wasn't returning Lamb's calls, he did say he would have the oven fixed, delivered and installed within a few days. He claims it just  took longer than expected to fix.

3 On Your Side showed up to Lamb's house after the oven was installed. When we arrived, Deaton was still there but took off when he saw us.

Lamb claims the oven was installed fine, but it still won't work. In fact, it won't even heat up past 160 degrees.  

Still, Lamb says she is thrilled that 3 On Your Side was able to get her vintage oven returned, which she says is really the most important thing. Lamb is out $400 for a repair that didn't happen but says she wonders if her oven would have ever been returned without 3 On Your Side's persistence and involvement.

"I am so grateful," Lamb said. "I mean, it's not working, but I got my oven back. Thank you so much.  You are a life saver."  

Lamb is now looking for someone to repair her oven, which she says is a great conversation piece.