How to troubleshoot audio echo

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q.  As a result of having a new hard drive installed, all audio has an echo to it that makes it hard to understand. Is there a way to control the sound and stop the echo? I'm using Windows Vista and Windows Media Player, if that helps.

A.  You will need to disable what is called the sound enhancement feature. To do this, click Start and type Sound into the Search field. Under the Programs list, click Sound. On the Playback tab, click the default sound device, then click the Properties button. (Note: The default sound device has a green circle with a check mark.)

If you have SoundMax (the name will be displayed), click the Advanced tab, remove the check mark beside Enable Audio Enhancements, then click OK.

If you have Sound Blaster/Audigy, click the Sound Blaster tab, select Disable Sound Blaster Enhancements, then click OK.

If you have Realtek, click the Enhancements tab, select Disable All Sound Effects, then click OK.

Lastly, play some audio to confirm that the echo problem has been resolved. 

Q.  I hate to admit it, but I don’t know how to cut and paste or even what it means. I do know how to copy and paste, and I'm guessing cutting is similar. Thanks for being there, Mr. M.

A.  You are correct that Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste are related in the sense that both have to do with data relocation. The end result of Copy and Paste is the same data being in two (or more) locations. In other words, it is copied from one location and placed (pasted) in an additional location, so it then exists in two places.

When you Cut and Paste, you remove data from one location. In other words, you cut or excise it from one location and physically move it to another location. The end result of Cut and Paste is data existing in one location, but it's a different location from whence it came.

There are several ways to Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste. You can select (highlight) whatever you want to cut or copy, then right-click and select CUT or COPY. Then go to the new (destination) location, right-click and select PASTE. The same exercise can be performed on highlighted data by going to the Menu bar and selecting Edit > Cut, Copy or Paste or by pressing CTRL + C to Copy, CTRL + X to Cut and CTRL + V to Paste.

If you want to copy or paste an entire document or other item, press CTRL + A to Select All, then follow the same procedure outlined above.

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