Statewide MVD computer system glitch

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Computer problems at the MVD offices across the state are causing some delays and some headaches.

Allen Johnson said when he got to the Motor Vehicle Division at 8:30 Monday morning. there was a long line of people waiting. He quickly realized something was wrong.

"The computer went down for a while, about an hour or so, and that made it even longer of a wait,” said Johnson. 

He decided to come back later in the day. "I went to grab something to eat came back, and it was back up and running," said Johnson.

Nancy Forney said she had the same issue after getting there at 11:00 a.m."We were told that the system was down statewide, and we needed to come back later,” said Forney.

Tim Tait with ADOT said MVD’s computer system was running slow at some offices, and at others it was completely down.

"Unfortunately, it does happen on occasion, and when it does happen we try to provide as many services as we can to customers in the offices," said Tait.

He said MVD’s website "Service Arizona" was unaffected because it's on a different system, but since services there are limited, many people still need to go to an MVD office.

Tait said the glitch at MVD offices statewide isn't a new problem.

"It is an aging system, and sometimes when we have a lot of people trying to sign on or do a lot of tasks at the same time the weight of that transaction can really bog the system down that may be what's happened today,” said Tait.

But Johnson and Forney took it all in stride saying at least the employees at the MVD office at 51st Avenue near Indian School made things easy for them.

"I've been to a couple of DMVs in my life time, and this had to have been the one with the friendliest people I had ever seen,” said Johnson.

Tait said he hopes the issue can be fixed permanently. "We are working on a newer system that can support our services more appropriately," said Tait.