3OYS: Peoria woman claims furniture delivery men damaged floors

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PEORIA, Ariz. -- A Peoria woman says a small mistake made by furniture deliverymen did some big damage.

Michelle Casey likes to keep her home updated and looking nice. And after adding new flooring recently, she wasn't quite done.
“We got some new flooring in and we wanted some new furniture," she says.

Specifically, Michelle wanted to add some new couches. “We went shopping at a ton of different furniture stores. You know how that is when you're looking for furniture. We finally found one that we really liked, it was comfortable and it was at the Mega Furniture store in Tempe," she says.

Michelle says she was pretty happy when bought the furniture and the store delivered it. That is, until there was a problem. “Later on that night we were sitting on it, and my husband was like, "What is that sound?" and he flipped it over and all the staples from all the legs of when they wrapped it in plastic were all underneath it and scratched our floor.”

Michelle says these staples left on the bottom of all the couch legs, did quite the number on her new flooring. In fact, she put yellow pieces of paper indicating where all of the scratch marks were left behind.

“These post-its represent where they are. I was amazed that it wasn't like one or two staples. It was two to four in each and every one of the legs," she says.

Michelle says she contacted the furniture store and they seemed agreeable about resolving the issue.

She even provided them with estimates of what it would cost to repair her floors, but she claims she can't get them to pay up.

“I feel like we just keep getting the runaround from them. They've taken 110 percent fault and won't do anything about it," she says.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Mega Furniture, and they immediately looked into the matter.
Although they didn't speak specifically on the issue, they did apologize and gave Michelle a $600 check, the amount it's going to cost to repair her flooring.