"Sports and Activities"

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Author: Krissy

Yes, Zoe Violet signed up for gymnastics class at 4. At first she really loved it until one day the teacher had a substitute that was a boy and she wouldn't do any of the activities with him. After that, each class I would have to step in and get her because she wouldn't participate. I think we did 4 out of the 6 classes.   It was kind of a no brainer, she wouldn't participate and she was only 4 so we didn't finish the classes. Now that shes older I make sure there are a couple of classes to choose from so that she will be comitted. She has taken karate and is taking an art & science class right now. She also takes improv class with me as the teacher! ...and shes never asked to quit those, luckily.

I dont know if you would consider it an interesting perspective or not, but I teach workshops and classes for kids, tweens, teens & adults. There are ALWAYS people who drop out or miss several classes. Sometimes they will let us know the reason, and sometimes they just disappear like leaves in the wind... its a fascinating concept but we have learned over the years that in a class of 12, we will be down to 10 by the last two weeks.
I know that each class can offer life lessons. Karate was about respect for your body and the world around you. The science and art class is teaching her to look closely at the world and examine it to find the beauty within. In improv class we focus on listening, confidence, and team work.
My kids have yet to participate in the more competitive activities. However, we try to instill in them a sense that losing or winning are each possible results of trying hard. Mistakes, or losses, are opportunities to grow.

Author: Janet

Both of my kids played sports.  Both were in Karate.  My son also played basketball, baseball and a little football but he hated it.
Buddy was better with team sports he enjoyed it.  Faith did not.  Karate was all about her individual goals and meeting them and that was really important for her since success at school was difficult.  There life lessons were huge!  It taught them so much about winning and NOT winning.  Learning lose and do it gracefully is a hard lesson and one everyone should learn.  I am not a fan that feel their children should never learn failure.
Buddy was actually on a baseball team that lost ALOT!  So we found other things to do with the team that was fun.  They always were dissapointed but it taught them the lesson that sometimes no matter how hard you try things just don't work out the way you want them to, that's life!

Author: Leslie

My daughter Toni wanted to run track, after one day of practice she wanted to quit. I didn't let her, U said we need ti fulfill our commitment, till the season was over. I felt letting her quit was not teaching her perseverance and when things are tough to stick with it.  I feel ind an team sport teach a lot to children and there needs to be a balance. They will learn to excel ind. and w team. No playing time and loosing often is tough on parents who feel its a personal reflection on themselves.  Teach them hard work pays off and look at the physical benefits they gain from the physical fitness, more than winning.