Summers Hottest Trends!

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Summer’s Hottest Trends!
By: Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista

Summer is officially approaching within the next few weeks, but I’d say it’s already here with temperatures hitting triple digits! Despite this intense heat, we all want to stay feeling good and looking good, especially during these summer months. Floral prints and geometric patterns are on full display this summer 2014 runway season. With that comes some really easy ways to incorporate these hot trends to attain a stylish summer wardrobe.

Trending this summer are floral prints. I’ve narrowed down a few key pieces that incorporate this fashionable trend.

1. Yes, even in the summer you can wear leggings! But instead of the plain black color we’re so used to, opt for a printed legging. I found a great (and lightweight) pair of floral print leggings from Ross. Plus, the coral color of the flowers throughout the legging lends to yet another summer trend...coral! It’s such a vibrant color that works well with a number of skin tones. My motto this summer, “think floral and coral.”

2. It’s the ultimate summer staple…a summery dress! I found a beautiful floral print dress from Macy’s that incorporates those coral-colored flowers throughout the piece. Perfect for a get-together by the pool or just a fun lunch with friends, this lacey floral dress is perfect for summer!  Additionally, because the print of the dress is very busy, try adding a skinny belt to break up the busyness.

3. Capris are a go-to item in the summer. For a dressier feel, opt for a white capri and wedges. I paired the bottoms with a classy floral print top from Macy’s. The white-colored flowers against the coral blouse really make the floral print pop. But what really makes this look is the high-collar on this top, which wraps around the neck area. It adds an elegant touch for that dressier look with capris.

Trending this summer as well are geometric patterns.

1. Jumpsuits are making a comeback! The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, was just rocking a black jumpsuit at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Blake Lively wore a sparkly black jumpsuit during Milan Fashion Week. So, the jumpsuit is definitely here to stay for summer. I found a great cami jumpsuit from T.J.Maxx that includes an orangey colored-top, again a trending color for summer. Plus, the pants of the jumpsuit are made up of shapes like triangles, arrows and even zigzag lines that give the pants dimension and make for a visually appealing pant. What I love about this jumpsuit are the bold black and light beige parallel lines that run from the bottom of the pant and all the way up to the orange cami. This can make you look a little taller!

2. Harem pants are big this summer. They’re also big in the fact that they can end up looking like a giant diaper pant if they’re not the right fit, so we don’t want that! I found a plain black harem pant at first, but they needed a little something more. The harem pants I found had a unique band around the waist that incorporates a pattern of diamond shapes. You can find a harem pant at almost any store. But what I like to do with a harem pant is roll up the bottom of the pant (scrunch them up a bit) to about the middle of the calf. This will give you that edgier look. Slip on a colorful heel, a coral-colored blouse and you’re set for a fun dinner with friends.

3. Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a maxi skirt for summer. I found a simple, black maxi skirt at T.J.Maxx. The slit at the bottom of the skirt is perfect for summer! Paired with a black sleeveless top that includes those trending geometric patterns and the neon coral color throughout the garment.

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XO, Savvy Fashionista, Alexa Salari
Twitter: @lexasal